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  • Nexus Powerlink

    For many people the power cable is the most

    important in the HI-FI system.

    At this price nothing can touch it, yes, it is that good.

  • VCS Power
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    '' With Audiofidem cables I have more texture and a more real timbre of the instruments really there is a remarkable turn towards a greater fidelity and exactitude '' '' I obtained a considerable improvement mainly in transparency and a more contrasted dynamic '' David Mallen Sanz – HIFIlive review 11-01-2016 Make use of our politics of one month for...

  • This is certainly the best cable to the ones that want to maximize their investment. A very neutral cable that will give some tension to your bass and increase the amount of information that your system is able to give. One of the best bargains in power cables. Listen to it and you will see. 

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