Nexus Argentum IC

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''The first sensation is of transparency, of absolute clarity, also of a serious bass zone much more powerful with a more accurate and defined bass''

''I think the most revealing has been the total respect to the timbre richness of each instrument and especially the exact positioning of these in a sound scene significantly broader and deeper''

David Mallen Sanz HIFIlive review 11-01-2016

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2016 top quality award in HIFIlive

The whole manufacturing process of the Audiofidem is done by hand, controlling the casting of the materials to guarantee the maximum purity of the conductors and a determined hardness value, thus achieving a degree of warmth in the silver that would otherwise not be possible.

The NEXUS interconnect cables are a reference in the provision of high-drain devices. It is characterized by a sound of absolute transparency, extremely fast in transients, while maintaining a good tonal balance. Gives yet in our technology NEXUS ARGENTUM a three-dimensional stage, but always with a holographic presence of stakeholders.

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