Nexus Powerlink Schuko

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'' With Audiofidem cables I have more texture and a more real timbre of the instruments really there is a remarkable turn towards a greater fidelity and exactitude ''

'' I obtained a considerable improvement mainly in transparency and a more contrasted dynamic ''

David Mallen Sanz – HIFIlive review 11-01-2016

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Being all cables important in the final sound contribution, we emphasize the importance of using the NEXUS POWER LINK. Not only for excellent performance, but also to occupy a place of great responsibility, because these are those who actually manage to set standards of excellence of hi-fi equipment. So important that it is sometimes the reason for dissatisfaction in many systems with large high-end potential.

In this way and in this context Audiofidem neutralizes any doubt when it comes to energy equipment. Doubt fade when connecting the Nexus Power Link. Therefore, the only question that arises undoubtedly, is that if a NEXUS POWER LINK delights us and resets levels, what would do two or more in the system.

The whole manufacturing process of the Audiofidem is done by hand, controlling the casting of the materials to guarantee the maximum purity of the conductors and a determined hardness value, thus achieving a degree of warmth in the silver that would otherwise not be possible.

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