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VCS Spike are designed to enhance the performance of your floor standing loudspeakers and racks and to improve upon the standard spikes that usually are provided with them. VCS Spike reduces vibrations transforming them into heat inside them and transferring the remain excess energy to the floor. It also prevents the floor vibrations to get into the loudspeaker and racks.

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Vibration is always present in every loudspeaker every time they are producing sound, in an ideal situation only active elements should vibrate, but instead the speaker cabinet is vibrating and for a longer period than is desirable. During high amplitudes of vibration, nonlinearities affect the electroacoustic behavior of electrodynamic transducers and are responsible for audible distortions.

A combination of bronze and steel and an effective proprietary solution of microspheres results in a transformation of vibration that come from the speakers into heat and the remain vibration is conducted in an effective way to the floor. In contrast with ordinary spikes, the surface area of VCS spike is big enough to let the vibration flow from the speaker to the floor very fast, in result, there is a reduction in intermodulation distortion, a maximization of musical information, and an increase of tonal and textural details that will allow your system to achieve the dynamic range it is capable of.

Thre VCS plate that supports the spike has a large surface to improve stability of the loudspeaker. After extensive research and experimentation VCS provide this plate with the right materials and technical solutions in order to improve energy dissipation and that give us tonal neutrality.

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